The Israel Experience

There is an Ancient-Call that can only be heard with The-HEART.   Do You Hear it?


                                           "Go . . . to a land that I will show you."


The first person to answer The-Call became The-Father of Faith. Abraham is "The-father of all who believe," Rms. 4:11c. 


"The-Call" was heard by a chosen few every time the Children of Israel were driven out of their homeland.  It began with the return from Babylonian captivity.   Jews born and living in other lands responded to "The-Call" for nearly 600 years. These displaced Jews answered "The-Call" by visiting Israel at least once in their lives to come before God at the appointed Feasts. 


Throughout the 1900-year scattering of the Jews to the far ends of the earth, "Next year in Jerusalem" kept the hope of "The-Call" alive in every Passover Celebration.


The Zionist movement, that gave birth to the restoration of "a nation born in a day" was conceived in Hearts that answered "The-Call" in the early 1900's. 


Since Israel's 1948 re-birth millions of believers have followed an unexplained desire to come to "The-Holy-Land."  Most came without understanding that they were answering "The-Call" in their spiritual DNA.  The-Father of Faith said yes to The-Call, which means the sons of Abraham will want to do the same.


Experiencing Israel is our response to "The-Call."  We plan to have our first rendezvous in 2020.  This will give time for more us to finance all or a part of their answer to "The-Call" through our Revenue-Sharing-Pool.  Imagine what a tour with "The Eyes of The-Heart" trained to SEE Jesus everywhere we go will be like.  SEE Yourself there and your Heart will remind you to Share our movement everywhere you go, with everyone you can.