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The Discovery Bible

Rediscovery of The-HEART



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The LORD Says, "Stand and SEE . . . ASK for The-Ancient-Path . . . 

WALK In It . . . You Will FIND Rest for Your-Soul."

(Jer. 6:16)


The-BEST Is . . . 


"The Eyes of The-HEART" Institute

Presents . . . 

The-BEST of The-BEST, by Uniting . . . 

The-BEST of The-BEST is . . . 

The-BEST-Equipment created by MAN for studying God's-WORD.

SEEING With The-Equipment created by GOD for Experiencing Jesus-ALIVE.


We Study The-WRITTEN-Word of God

In order to Experience The-LIVING-Word of God. 


We Study the Original-Language-Breakthrough in order to . . . 


The-Father-God Declared "The-Ancient-Path" . . . 

The Language of The-HEART is Visual-Images


The-Son Used The-SAME-Vocabulary


In order to Speak The-Same-Language . . .


Oswald Chambers Declares

C.S. Lewis "Kicked The-Door Wide Open"

"The-Eyes of The-HEART" Are The-Door! 

"We Cannot Experience Reality Without The-Imagination." (CSL)


JESUS had a scathing rebuke for those who "Read and Studied," 

But  refused to COME to Him to RECEIVE Life . . .  (Jn 5:39)


How Many Of Us Are Unconsciously Just Like Them?


Jesus Himself IS . . . 



The Rediscovery of The-HEART Exposes The-Problem


 Moody's former pastor "Nailed" The Impotency of Imageless Preaching

Wiersbe's confession says it all.

"I got weary of bringing skeletons into the pulpit and producing cadavers in the pews . . .

We have analyzed the Bible to death."



Following The-Resurrection of Jesus,

Angel-Messengers Ask The-Father's Life-Saving-Question to Focus Our-HEARTS On . . . 

 Seeing Jesus ALIVE!


"Why Are You Seeking The-Living Among The-Dead?" (Lk 24:5-6)


 The-Glorified-Jesus Himself.



The-BEST of The-BEST and BEYOND reveals that 

 The-Holy-Scriptures are . . . 

The-Sacred-Movie Can ONLY Be Fully SEEN

Through the Original Hebrew and Greek Lenses. 


Which Presents . . . 


Almost Nobody Has


To Become Proficient . . .


But NOW . . . 

SEEING The-Eternal-Movie Is About To Become EASY For YOU!


Three Ancient-Windows Have Been Opened Wide.


The Hebrew and Greek Action-Images that create The-Scenes

Can NOW be Read, Seen and Experienced . . . 

In English

Without Even KNOWING A Single Letter Of  Hebrew And Greek. 



The BIG-Problem Has Been Solved, And

The 21st Century Paradigm-Shift 

"Is At Hand." (Mt. 3:2)



No Translation . . . No Bible-Study-Program . . .  No Software . . . 

  At Any Cost . . . 

And The-Action-Images of Scripture More. 


You can pay up to $1200 for software ALONE 

That focuses on The-Intellect 

With Imageless Words, Definitions and Concepts.


Never Forget,

Jesus taught . . . Words Are Not Enough


So . . . 

What would you expect to pay for


The-Discovery-Bible and The Rediscovery of The-HEART that takes you . . . 





 WHERE You've NEVER Been,

Showing You What You've NEVER Seen,

To EXPERIENCE Jesus Like NEVER Before?


The answer will surprise you!


Jesus Said,

"Give and it will be given to you . . . "

(Lk 6:38)


Everything Begins With A First-Fruit-Gift.

With contributions from The "Eyes of The-HEART" Institute . . . 

 The Discovery Bible and the Rediscovery of The-HEART

Will make a First-Fruit-Gift on every purchase.


Think of it this way,

Your Purchase creates a "First-Fruit-Gift" to Share


The-Sole-Cost of  . . .


Charter Membership

Prelaunch Enrollment Is $300 Dollars



The-Best of the-BEST is ONLY Preparation.


BEYOND is Experiencing JESUS,

 "The-Glorified-LION of The-Tribe-of-Judah."