God's instruction that the Language of The-HEART is found in the Images of the Thoughts of The-HEART (Gen 6:5, 1 Chronicles 28:18) means that the sacred scriptures are a vibrant screenplay full of sounds, scenes, and experiences. 

Until NOW, The-Original-Action-Images that The-Verbs create have been invisible in ALL English translations. The-Eternal-Movie and its critical sequence has been replaced by IMAGE-less words, definitions, and concepts which often become a disassembled jig-saw puzzle.

After 40 years of research and Four Million Dollars of development cost, The Discovery Bible restores The-Original-Action-Images in English, without readers have to learn even one letter of Hebrew and Greek. The-Living-Word can now be experienced like never before. 



Three Ancient-Windows Have Been Opened . . . 



What The-Holy-Spirit Wrote Through